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Expected mailing dates for original forms:

January 28
(IRA & retirement distributions)
1099-Q (Coverdell account distributions)
February 16
1099 Consolidated
(Dividends, Interest, Gains/Losses, Misc Income, Royalties, etc.) *excluding UIT holders and any other incomplete securities
March 14
1099s with UITs & other large-reporting issuers including OID & Mutual Funds
(and any accumulated correction content)
1042-S Non-Resident Aliens
March 30
Undistributed Capital Gains (if necessary)
May 26
IRA Contributions & Rollovers
Dates are subject to change without notice
Turbo Tax and .csv download become active after upload release of official 1099 package.
Dates noted indicate anticipated conclusion of mailing by print vendor. Online documents may be available earlier.
Please note that Hilliard Lyons does not provide tax advice. This material is presented for informational purposes only. Consult your tax advisor concerning any issues that may affect your tax situation.