Hilliard Lyons' Client Satisfaction Results Remain Consistently Strong

Hilliard Lyons’ 2010 Client Satisfaction Survey results have just been released and as in previous years, responding clients reported high levels of satisfaction with Hilliard Lyons[1].

Clients expressed high levels of satisfaction for every issue considered in the survey, according to research and analysis firm Deyta, LLC, which independently compiled and analyzed the results.
In 2010, client respondents overwhelmingly rated Hilliard Lyons staff members as being "very good" or "excellent" in areas such as willingness to answer questions; promptness in responding to clients’ needs; knowledge and skill; and efficiency in handling transactions.
Importantly, 97.2% of respondents answered "very good" or "excellent" when asked about the likelihood that they would continue investing with Hilliard Lyons; and 96.4% responded "very good" or "excellent" for the likelihood that they would recommend Hilliard Lyons to others.
“These results are always something we anticipate with great interest each year,” said Hilliard Lyons CEO James R. Allen. “I know how hard everyone in this organization works to respond to clients’ needs and these results provide the positive reinforcement that we are, in fact, delivering on their behalf. We enjoy knowing that our clients appreciate the personalized service that Hilliard Lyons provides.”
Hilliard Lyons is a member of the New York and Chicago Stock Exchanges, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)and the Securities Investors Protection Corp. (SIPC).


[1] Hilliard Lyons Client Satisfaction Surveys 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.